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    You must lose with the Bookmakers – despite your winning

    A bookmaker must earn money in splitting odds. For example a tennis match where he reckons there will be equal betting on player A and player B he can set odds of 1,8 on both.

    If he gets in EURO 1/2 million on both, totaling EURO 1 million he will pay out 900000. The remaining 100000 is his profit for setting the odds, taking the risk and looking after the practical for bets.

    Reality is otherwise. Most bookmakers mistreat players who win. All by sinking possible bets down to ludicrous sums. Until the player goes and wins somewhere else.

    Those that lose on the other hand are allowed to gamble away as large amounts as anything, their limits are increased. Only losers are welcome. Sites have both automatic computer systems and staff that work with this. It can appear to be a swindle but alas there is no player organization so it has never been taken before the courts.

    Anyway reality looks like this and makes life hard for a winner.

    There are 3 choices (the 4th is to go bookmakers outside the EU who have higher limits, Pinnacle and asia but I must seriously warn that can lead to a tax disaster).

    1. Stay just as long as you win, then find another’s bookmaker. There are hundreds.

    2. Replay small amounts. You will never be excluded but it makes a lot of work for a little money. .

    3. When you have won then "lose without losing" at bookmakers. That is what I recommend but it is difficult.

    How does one lose at a bookmaker and still have the money?

    One finds a "sure bet", a risk free bet. Say there is a tennis match and the odds are 2 at a Bookmaker on player A. At an odds exchange it is 2 (after deduction for commission) on player B. You judge that player A will come to lose and bet equally on both.

    If player B wins you have won your money back on the gaming exchange (they love winners) the same time as you have lost at the bookmakers (who love losers).

    The problem is that is almost impossible to know who will win. As a rule one sets the underdog with the bookie and the favorite on the gaming exchange. But if one is unlucky the wrong team wins and the money increases even more at the bookmaker who then throttles the stakes even harder and it becomes even harder to lose....

    With a "good" throttler bookmaker (Ladbrokes is the very best) it pays to try even if there are reverses. With luck one loses eventually and becomes regarded as a loser and is allowed to play with high stakes again.

    Regretfully the odds at gaming exchanges are too low, one must have bookies as well. A gaming exchange takes a commission on winnings, player’s play against each other with their own money. Gaming exchanges do not take any risks and they don’t care who wins – they just want the turnover. They like winners best because these have plenty of money and turn over a lot.