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    Preparations before you begin to play on Sport odds

    Do everything right from the beginning before you begin to play on sport  odds. Even before you select a bookmaker and place your first bet you must:

    Not pay in to any gambling company, preferably you should not even register before carrying out what follows below.

    First determine if you are going to play for pleasure or play to win. If you are going to gamble on odds to win you need several bookmakers and odds exchanges. Because you must gamble on high odds to maximize your winnings. You must also be able to move your money fast. Because your gambling capital will be needed again the next day.

    Determine which currency you will use. I suggest you play in EURO’S with all companies.

    Arrange a EURO account with Moneybookers and use the same e-mail address as you use for all bookmakers. You can get there by Clicking Here.

    Moneybookers are a payment company with lightning quick payments to gambling companies. You will need lightning fast payments and fast payments of winnings. Payments by other means can take days or weeks. Some gambling companies charge a fee for payments by credit card but not by Moneybookers. Because with credit cards they can be swindled but with Moneybookers they always get paid.

    Make a deposit from your bank to Moneybookers. It will take some days before the money to arrive but after that you can pay in seconds. Moneybookers will be the centre of your gambling because you must be able to get your winnings fast. There is no quicker way.

    Neteller is the competitor to Moneybookers. To take a look at Neteller, Click Here.

    Get a Visa or MasterCard or both. These are the only cards that work with largely all Bookmakers.

    Get a EURO-account in your bank, if EURO is not your main currency. If you have SEB as your bank you can make EU-payments to bookmakers who otherwise take a fee for credit cards. You can also receive EURO without fees because you get your own IBAN and BIC just like a company.

    Read my lines before you choose bookmakers and odds exchanges. Register the account in the right currency (I recommend the EURO).

    Make a deposit from your Moneybookers account. This is very important – you must have made your first deposit from Moneybookers if you are to get your winnings paid out to Moneybookers.

    I repeat – your first payment must come from Moneybookers if later you wish to get fast payments to your Moneybookers account otherwise you can wait for up to a week to get your winnings out. With Moneybookers it is fast and often also at weekends. At Redbet payment of winnings are automatic in a matter of seconds.

    When you begin to bet, only bet on events today and tomorrow, because you need the money again as fast as possible for new bets.

    If you hang on for some years everything changes – if you let your winnings remain. Then you have capital everywhere and only make withdrawals or deposits 2-4 times per month, even if you bet on 30-40 betting companies.