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    Lay odds – to bet the team does not win

    When you have got some months routine you will be curious about lay odds.

    Lay odds are the bookmaker’s side of the odds. When one lays one offers odds. That is called laying odds, offer, and play against with several names.

    Laying can one only do on gaming exchanges. One lays out (offers) odds for others to play on. On a gaming exchange of "classic appearance” (gaming exchange appearance) odds are layed on the left and right side. On the left side one plays in the ordinary way, one Back.

    One Lays on the right side. If the field is empty and one offers an odds of 4 (4 times the bet) on undecided then the odds are moved over to the left hand side. There other players can play on the odds 4, that is to say back.

    If that player wins on the 4 odds he gets his bet back+ you must pay him 3 more, his winnings.

    Now there is a greater chance that he loses because you win with both 1 and 2 results. Then you win his bet, 1.

    The gaming exchanges ComeOn, Betdaq and BetFair have their own "play schools" on the sites, it takes some time to learn.

    Lay odds – what is so good with that then?

    If you have time to watch the odds - because odds can quickly change and that can cost – so you can have a lot of fun with lay odds. Here are some examples:

    Search out and join a gaming exchange where there are no odds laid out.

    Check the market for what odds to play for there are.

    Lay out - Lay – lower odds on the whole division.

    Wait. If someone takes the bait, take the money that has come in and bet them on the same result to higher odds.

    You can also do the opposite, play to a high odds that do not exist. Then the odds are moved over on the lay side. There can those who are attracted lay to you. You play a high odds, then you go to another gaming exchange and lay a lower odds and earn the difference. Or lay out odds on both sides and do both and....

    There is a lot more to do, these are only examples and the natural start. A fully fledged gaming exchange expert becomes a market maker – a sort of gaming exchanges bookmaker. It is necessary that one sits and monitors the odds, it is nothing for me for the comfortable (lazy). However I have tried, for those that can sit chained to the computer and have a playing routine is it very profitable.

    In order to be a market maker one need not know anything about sport – it is mathematics. As an aid one has software, a robot that partly automatically alters the odds on the back and lay side according to how the players bet, partly automates and makes mathematic judgments.

    For Betfair there is a software HERE, the simplest software is free. Look at the videos and get an idea. They also have courses in the UK on how one uses their software manually and in certain cases completely automatically.

    Warning for swindlers on the gaming exchanges

    Swindlers are after beginners and drunks. On the gaming side there are odds like1.01 and similar, total under odds sometimes.

    It is worse on the lay side, There the odds which are 50 or 100 times too high. If the back odds are 1.9 it may be 19.5 on the lay side. For an inexperienced, stressed or drunk player can see that as 1.95 and lay – with the risk of losing 18.5 times the money. So let your learning curve take its time so you get a routine – and save your apprenticeship money.

    The best gaming exchange – and normally swindler free – to learn on is ComeOn. A class on its own and they also have a good Back-Lay playing school where you can print out and read 2 pages.