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    It is enough to bet part time and win on sport odds

    Are you thinking about stopping working at  sport book betting full time if you become a winner?

    Using sport bet arbitrage and my sport betting tips at:

    Football odds
    Pro Football odds
    Football fixed odds

    There is no reason to. It is most profitable to bet Friday evenings as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Because there arise so many sure bets at those high betting times that bookmakers can not keep up decreasing the odds.

    These are times when most people are free anyway. Keep the job if you want to be a professional and a winner.

    Monday to Thursday there are very few of the high odds that we want. You can place 1-2 bets in the evening (or wait, but it is difficult to desist) and then be satisfied. Tuesday is the worst day; it is best to follow up that one has got winnings to the gaming accounts on this day.