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    Betting and play on sport odds has hidden problems

    First of all, there are a large number of sites on the Internet that do everything to induce you to gamble. Because they get commission, that is to say a part of how much you lose. Their dearest wish is that you lose as much as possible. In principal all these sites with reviews, tips, etc only exist there to obtain a mass of losers for the gaming companies and join in taking money off the victims. Without doubt there are links to bets4all, Internet1X2, Betchance and more, who have no intention to voluntarily pay out any winnings, if the victim, despite everything should happen to win. When you visit these sites be on your guard. Do not trust such sites, www.greatbettinginfo.com and win-every-time.com give good advice and are ok.

    On sport betting one can win but on Casino, Bingo, One armed bandits and the like it is impossible to win in the long term. Computer programs steer the game and retain a part of the turnover, often about 10-20 %, the remainder being paid back as winnings. Therefore these forms of game are marketed even harder.

    How much one can stake at a gaming company is limited. Only at the most honest companies will you know this before you approve your bet. On gaming exchanges you always know that but money can dry up or the odds can be changed 30 seconds later.

    Most bookmakers are. "circus bookmakers" or "pay in only bookies". You are only welcome to lose. If you win they get scared and suddenly you can only bet pocket money. They can do this without the police getting involved – you are allowed to gamble. You will experience this (because you cannot avoid winning) so read the page of how to lose without losing. I have had to leave Olybet, SportingBet (bookmaker of the year!), Bet365, Betbet and lots of others due to throttled stakes. To fight hard for "losing without losing" at Staybet, Unibet and some others, so that my limit is raised again. These are all pay in only bookies – even called silly bookmakers or circus bookmakers.

    With all bookmakers one must approve an agreement (a one sided slave contract) so one is more or less without rights for most things.

    Then there are the "cancellation bookies" that just busy themselves with cancelling winning bets and refer to the small print (the slave contract). Vierklee, Titanbet and Playit have for this reason forced me to stop using them.

    I do not play tennis because the rules about rain, cancelled matches and the like are different with different play companies and one can lose one stake. But complaints against Pinnacle are many, they let odds remain when the match has started and then cancel the winning bets and point out that "you are not allowed to bet when the match has started". Their customers are in different time zones and have no possibility of monitoring this.

    Then there are the pure bandits such as bets4all, Betchance and Internet1X2. These just refuse to pay out winnings. Now one would think that on-line odd servers would not deal with companies like bets4all and Internet1X2. But alas, Bettbrain get paid by these companies to obtain new victims and readily help so more get swindled.

    Actually playing on sport odds then, what problems?

    It can take a long time to teach you to win; it can take 6-12 months before one becomes fault free. Over and above learning to win, one must have experience. Only experience can tell you that high odds can disappear in one minute in a certain gambling company. Only experience can tell you how much you should sensibly bet with a company. Only experience makes you press the right button under stress. Only experience (or my tips) tells you which bookmakers are good and also have high odds.

    You must also learn a mass of different games types such as over and under, odd or evenly with several, where one quickly wins a lot. It is easier to tip the right result when there are 2 results to select, easier than 1X2.

    You must make many bets per day when it is impossible to do a few large.10-50 bets per day for 3 days. It is miserable and exhausting and easy to get the taste of splinters. Even more miserable to check bets every Tuesday (You print out all bets on a printer) and check that you have got your winnings in the gambling accounts.

    Payment out can be difficult. A number of companies are so pettily mean that they make a charge for payments by credit card, because it costs them a few %. To these you send EU- payments, it costs EURO 0 or EURO 1 if you have a EURO-account SEB. Moneybookers are usually fee free for the most but there are a pair of exceptions.

    Paying out of winnings is very difficult the first time. The gaming companies must convince themselves that you are you. Often you must e-mail, post or fax a copy of an ID document to the company. The first winning payment can take 1 or 2 weeks, reckon with that from the beginning. You can send in these details in advance just to get your identity clarified and save time when you later make a withdrawal. With Moneybookers it is often easier, many companies do not bother with the identification process because they are of course sending the winnings to the same account (e-mail address) from which the stake originated from.

    Many companies make further difficulties with payments. In the fine print it states that the received stake must be turned over 3 times over the odds of 1,5 before one is allowed to withdraw.

    Others companies charge a fee or fiddle on purpose with payments so that it gives you a chance to gamble away the money. Others allow only 1 withdrawal per month so it is important to select the right gaming company.

    Moneybookers, when you have grown to a high turnover there will be a similar procedure. You must verify that you are you. The simplest is to re read this on their site and do it already before they ask you to verify your identity.