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    Which gambling companies, odds exchanges and bookmakers are any good?

    There is a big difference between gambling companies, bookmakers and odds exchanges.

    A good bookmaker or a good gambling company is marked by:


    * High odds – a must for us

    * Have Moneybookers as payment alternative

    * Show how much one can gamble before playing

    * Are located inside the EU so winnings are tax free

    * Are found amongst bookmakers in the on-line Odds finder

    * Will stand for their bet – the acceptance of the bet is on the screen, we must honour our bet

    * Cancellations not made when they lose

    * Accept large bets (should be self evident)

    * Are not nasty to winners who have ceased gambling

    * No fees for deposits

    * Have limit (max bet sum) on the odds and not on the gambler – same for all players

    * Accept the bet on the screen, no waiting time

    * No fees for paying out winnings

    * Payment of winnings within 48 hours

    * Have decimal odds

    How many gambling companies meet this?

    Nearly none at all amongst bookmakers and gambling companies. Real bookmakers in the EU where I bet big (despite my winning) number only 4 and they stand in a class of their own:







    24bettle.com and b-bets.com also belong to the better but they can wait until later. After that there is a middle layer of: Only Losers are welcome at bookies.

    The rest of the good bookmakers are Here.

    Gambling exchanges (odds exchanges)

    Gambling exchanges (odds exchanges) are an entirely different matter. On a betting exchange the players play against each other – You can also play at being a bookmaker and invite others to play. Many do that; it is called Laya (or Offer, to Lay, Play against – dear children have many names).

    Gambling exchanges take a commission on the winnings (only the winnings, not the sum bet one also gets back). Usually 5%, the more one bets the lower commission one has to pay. On a betting exchange one can see how much money is available for playing for a certain odds.

    This means that in reality the odds is lower as the commission has to be deducted. Odds of 3 with 5% commission are in reality 2,90. You can calculate the real odds Here.

    Odds exchanges like winners as then they earn more from the commission. Something quite different than with Bookmakers, who all mess winners about and reduce their limits.

    The best odds exchanges are:


    ComeOn, (who have a lot of money available for playing).



    The last one is an odds exchange that you must add for the long term. Betfair . Self-congratulatory, cocky and overbearing. They have always been like this, it is their policy. Because Betfair is the biggest and most beautiful, they invented the betting exchange and there is much more capital on their betting exchange and they correct fast so that money won is available after the match. The only betting exchange that canceled a bet for me or "lost" a payment. Expect overbearing behavior and bad service, so try and avoid.