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    How much can one win with online sport game odds?

    Many wonder how much one can win on on-line sport game odds.

    That depends on many factors. First, is there enough capital to use? The capital grows slowly for each bet but one can only use what one has. Therefore one plays only on matches today and tomorrow, in order to quickly recover the play capital so one can put the money to work again.

    Are there overodds? Most money is on football, there must be matches. The football season must be in progress. Do you have time to bet on online odds? If there are lots of odds you will need 3-4 hours on Friday evening and 3-5 hours spread over time on both Saturday and Sunday.

    Have you taught yourself to play on football odds and other odds? Have you the routin and experience to play at sport? Have you completed your apprenticeship?

    If everything is in place and if you have enough capital we can pose the question again:

    How much can one win?

    On Friday EURO 80-130

    On Saturday EURO 90-100

    On Sunday EURO 50-100 (some weeks Friday and Sunday change place).

    If only the odds are available – which they nearly always are – then those that can spare the time can win about EURO 300 per weekend.

    Large variations can occur, sometimes there is a lot on Thursday evening. This occurs usually at the end of the month at salary time.

    When the big football teams have holidays it goes down to half or less and the best day moves to Sunday.

    When it is the start of the football season and the beginning of the World Cup it will be 3-4 times as much, in principal as much as you can manage.

    The sum you can set in play Friday-Saturday-Sunday grows about 20 times over a year – if you let your winnings remain to use as stake capital. It is totally impossible to set the entire play capital to work. If you have EURO 2000 so maybe EURO 1000 can be made to work and you will have EURO 20000 after one year.

    Now you have a reasonable capital and can relax with EURO 300 per weekend - EURO 15000 per year without too much effort and using pure routine. Extra money and entirely tax-free.