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    Can one get paid by dodgy bookmakers?

    Gaming companies and bookmakers can refuse to pay out winnings.

    The simplest way of avoiding this is to never play with them. Follow my advice. Always check the company at SBR Blacklist unless you have got safe recommendations. Keep yourself to companies in the EU.

    When you see recommendations at SBR and other sites remember these are often incorrect – because SBR are paid for customers they send. On SBR is Bet365 – a circus bookmaker of the worst sort - ranking A+. They are absolutely A+ for a loser but the poor people who happen to win with them will see their limit cut down to small change. Rather go and enquire on greatbettinginfo.com.

    Now to the point – is it possible to get a dishonest bookie to pay?

    Yes, it is possible to get a dishonest bookmaker to pay.

    The pay out refusal to pay usually begins with lies. The payment has been sent, is to be sent next week, there has been an error etc. The delaying tactics are so you will get fed up and play away your money.

    When you, despite this puts on pressure the dodgy bookie stops answering – or shuts down your account or does both. You get no contact. If it is possible to telephone them you find nobody is available. The dodgy bookie is in another country and hopes you will give up – most people do.

    In the EU this problem is worst in Austria. Austria has no gaming board; sport betting legislation comes under ordinary commercialism. So the bookmaker only needs to start a company...

    Bet365 refused to pay EUR 8000. It took months but I get paid. Betbrain helped me, I had signed up after their recommendation. Stay away from bet365.

    Bets4all refused to pay out my winnings, they pretended there had been an error, a fax with my ID did not arrive, a letter with a copy of my ID did not arrive, payment took time etc. They shut my account and made themselves unavailable. I contacted Bill Dozer at SBR who saw it was impossible to get paid; SBR had a long list of people they tried to help.

    I took contact with a professional player, he said it was possible but did not say how. Now afterwards I understand why. If you learn what functions then the creeps learn how to cover themselves. So I cannot divulge too much – despite my getting paid and helping some other victims as well. But I am pleased to divulge general information.

    The only thing these creeps are afraid of is publicity. That they will not get new victims because it becomes known what they are about and that their neighbours will discover they are criminal pretending to be bookmakers.

    I contacted everyone in bets4all. Mailed Bets4all that I was writing a book ”100 ways to get payment from a dodgy bookmaker" and explained what I had just done that had already affected them.

    Next week the same again and I explained that the book would be distributed free on the Internet and so it was good that they refused to pay so that I could test further measures. And that a press release would be issued in Austria when the book was available. Different authorities and companies were contacted and informed about Bets4all activities.

    So things progressed for 2 months, until Bets4all got so many problems that they paid up. So it is possible to get paid but the best way is never to play at these crooks – by acquiring knowledge yourself.

    Use only my recommended bookies the first 2 years, until you are an expert or close to expert your self. I have already made the mistakes and bad experiences, no need to repeat them.

    Bets4all are not the only crooked bookies I have happened to meet so I can say from my own experience one can get paid, they have all paid in the end.

    If you happen to experience this do one thing first of all. Print out all the information from your account. Log in and print out every page as well as playing history, terms (bets4all change the slave contract after wards when they swindle new victims) and account history. Because the crooks will almost certainly close your account so you cannot log in. How then would you be able to prove to the Gaming Board of the relevant country that you are a customer of the bookmaker and they owe you money?

    If you can visit sites that claim to recommend bookmakers etc and if these sites show banners for bet4all, Betchance or Internet1X2 then beware. All of these are crooks and if these sites that display these banners know the slightest about what they are up to then these sites are consciously misleading you because they are getting paid for recruiting new victims.

    Read about the latest Internet swindle - Betchance.