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    Moneybookers payments system speeds up your winnings

    If you have not begun to play then read the first page before you begin to play and do everything right from the beginning.

    By then you have chosen your currency, possibly the EURO. After that you register a Moneybookers account and deposit (at no charge) money in via your bank. After that you choose the right gaming companies, register an account in EURO and make a payment (as small as you like) from your Moneybookers account Because if your first payment is made by another method you will not get your winnings paid to your Moneybookers account.

    This is because the gambling companies must pay a small fee to Moneybookers when they remit your winnings. They avoid this if you pay by another method. In that case they just say that "the first deposit was not with Moneybookers and thus you can not extract with Moneybookers". So always make your first deposit with Moneybookers!

    One has a Moneybookers account to ensure fast payments of winnings. Because your money will run out at certain gambling companies and at others you will win and need to make a withdrawal. For fast payments out there is no better system. Many companies can take weeks or at least half weeks to deal with "ordinary" payment. With Moneybookers it takes a minute and can be done 24 hours a day every day of the week. Many gambling companies also pay out at weekends. Redbet pay out within a minute round the clock (yes you read correctly).

    Payments in are just as fast and are simpler than using a credit card. You can never change your mind about a payment using Moneybookers so gambling companies cannot be swindled, unlike with a credit card.

    Why are fast payments out so important?

    In order to win on sport odds betting you must play at several gambling companies - You must have high odds at the same time I assume that you do not have unlimited capital.

    In order to win as much as possible in a short time you play only on events the same day or following day. When matches have finished you have won somewhere whilst the money can have run out with another bookie. You need then to quickly get your winnings out. With bank payments it takes days or weeks. Moneybookers stand in a class alone as the fastest payment system in the world.

    How does Moneybookers work?

    Moneybookers is a payment system. You have an account exactly like with a bank. You can only use the money that exists in the account – no credit. You can deposit in various ways, I recommend you do a bank transfer because that is free. Takes from some days up to a week for the money to come into the account and can be used. Payments between Moneybookers accounts takes seconds. Both payments to gambling companies and winnings from gambling companies, no banks such as solar to earn interest.

    The best is to have a Moneybookers account in a currency as well as all gambling accounts in the same currency. I recommend the EURO.

    By holding all your accounts in the EURO you avoid exchange fees because if a bookmaker sends you winnings in Pound Sterling to your account at Moneybookers the money is changed into the EURO and some % vanishes in exchange fees. If deposits and withdrawals are made in the EURO all handling is free. Because it costs nothing to use Moneybookers. Precisely as with credit card companies they take a fee from the gambling companies. For the gambling companies this is a dream as they avoid credit card swindles.