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    Do not get fraud on Poker, Casino, Slots or Scratch Tickets

    I have been bad treated, got winnings canceled and several times fraud by bookmakers.

    This is not done only by bandits like bets4all - it has been done by over 100 bookmakers. Mostly by canceling my winning bets, delaying pay outs for weeks or months and similar. To force me to leave.

    Canceling winning bets are in reality outright theft blaming the fine prints (the slave contract one have to sign with all bookmakers where they have all rights and punter have close to no rights).

    Beside giving me experience that I can hand over to you so you can avoid those bookmakers, I found one thing more:

    There is a thin line between a honest bookmaker and a dishonest. Because they can be dishonest as you have written of all rights with the fine prints. Only honest bookmakers stay honest. They may limit your stakes but they do not steal, calling it canceling of bets, wrong odds mistake etc.

    Use only the bookmakers and gambling companies on my list

    If you won 5 million EURO on a Scratch Ticket or a Slot-machine, do you think bets4all would pay you?

    I am 100% sure they would not - and the same with about 50-100 bookmakers more. Because if they are dishonest with sport betting for some hundreds, what would they do with millions?

    I am even sure that it is a part of many dishonest bookmakers planning to steal the first big winnings that appear. They are just waiting for a jackpot to steal.

    There are 2 ways to be safe:

    Use only bookmakers on my list. They are all proven honest.

    Some bookmakers like ComeOn,    Betbet, CherryCasino and  CasinoEuro get together to accumulate up enormous jackpots. Those companies  watch each other as they risk to go out of business if one of the other steal a jackpot and it get into the news.

    The same goes for Ladbrokes. This company is so big and their biggest value is their honesty. They would never steal anything.