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    Let your apprenticeship period take its time when you learn to bet on sport odds online

    It can’t be so difficult at press a few buttons?

    Yes, regretfully is easy to make mistakes. You have to acquire 3 factors:




    This is accomplished by replaying small sums- EURO 3-25 per bet – for some months. Then one slowly increases the stakes. For quite suddenly when you limit how much you can stake. This you must know before you stake from experience. Otherwise you have staked a lot with a bookie and with the next you can only stake EURO 30. Only experience helps here. There is nothing that replaces experience except paying apprenticeship money.

    Similarly certain bookies with quickly sink the overodds. You must stake at the fast sinker first. You must have knowledge and experience.

    Precisely when you are going to stake, the odds are altered on a gaming exchange. If you have got the routine you will know which other gaming exchanges usually have the same odds. Or you lay out the odds on a gaming exchange and hope someone lays you - nothing unusual. Or search for the next highest odds, and take a little loss. Without routine you will get the jitters, will not know what to do and maybe lose the whole stake.

    What is an Asian handicap, over and under, odd or even?

    Is Paris SG, PSG or Paris Saint Germain the same team?

    What is "draw no bet"? It takes time to learn.

    What is sport prediction bet, sport bet arbitrage, sport game odds and betting strategy?

    You are betting EURO 1000 at Ladbrokes. Against this you must bet on 3-4 gaming exchanges. You bet on a gaming exchange. Same market makers sit on the other gaming exchanges and sink direct the odds on the others. When you have become experienced you will know what you must do and can place all bets without problem – because of your experience and info on some of the 2 web browsers I recommend.

    You must keep tabs on when matches are played. The odds are better and better near the start of the match. You bet on a place, but when you come to the next the match it is closed. Only experience helps.

    Should you stake on the gaming exchange or the bookmaker first? Experience and knowledge needed.

    Formula for playing on on-line odds with success

    Write out and read my pages several times before anything else. They are arranged in the sequence they should be read, disregard the millionaire page.

    Follow my advice – I have already made the mistakes for you.

    Start as I describe - Moneybookers, EURO, right bookmakers.

    Let your learning curve take its time. Play with small change the first months. Wait with bigger bets until you are ready.

    Learn correctly from the beginning, get experience and play discipline. Then it becomes routine to win. You will come to see a pattern on which teams will win. The simplest is if you begin with games with 2 results, like over and under. Do not play tennis before you are entered, different bookmakers have different rules when a match is cancelled.

    If you lose too many bets (money back on wins) then play sure bets for some months while you observe and learn.