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    Good bookmakers do not grow on trees

    The difference between an ordinary player and a winner is enormous. The ordinary player loses; it is just a question of time. For him just one bookmaker will do, one from the middle ranking or one of the good ones. I recommend one of the best Expekt, because they are a pure entertainment factory.

    If you wish to play with very high stakes I would recommend


    If you are one of those who intend to become a winner you must react differently. You must acquire bookmakers that have high odds, who pay out your winnings and where you can gamble with as high stakes as possible. Bookmakers must also be located within the EU/EES otherwise you can reckon with a tax problem.

    Over and above this you must "lose without losing", that will say move winnings from bookmakers by losing (so they see you as a losers and allow you to gamble high) to Gambling exchanges (who love winners because then they earn commission). This happens through sure bet – risk free gambling – and is described on another page here on the site.

    Good Bookmakers

    There are only 5 bookmakers that have behaved themselves as far as I am concerned. Here they come in descending order with the best one first:

    5Dimes. Huge bookmaker where you can fill in a sum and see how much you can gamble. 5Dimes can stand large losses; do not even blink for EURO 5000. Often you can place very large stakes. Fast payments. Good odds and specially at weekends.

    888sport (tab: Sport). Reasonably high stakes allowed, winnings (stake X odds) up to SEK8000 usually go through. Good odds. Have Skrill.

    Expekt. A real entertainment factory and perfect for those who play for pleasure or like bingo. From EURO 30 to 400 is usually approved per stake if you have not won much recently. Fast payments and they have Moneybookers.

    Bet24. Scandinavian staff. Up to SEK1500 per stake is approved at present, if the odds are not too high. Despite my having picked up winnings after all attempts to "lose without losing" having failed. One cannot see how much can be bet until one approves. If the stake is too high one is stopped and an attempt with a lower stake and so on has to be made until the stake is approved. They have Moneybookers but no withdrawal for them. I have withdrawn to my bank account.

    I have not mentioned Pinnacle – the king of bookies. Accepting high stakes and Pinnacle with the highest of the genre.

    The reason I have not recommended them is that I don’t trust their EU-licence. Pinnacle is registered in the Netherlands Antilles and have according to rumors not a valid license within the EU/EES. So I desist and do not recommend them because of the risk of taxation on winnings if the tax authorities should count them as non EU-companies.

    You must have some more bookmakers because you must have high odds. The bookmakers below are quickly frightened and lower your limits if you win, which is unavoidable. So long as you have lost everything is ok. As soon as you play with higher stakes and win you must try to"lose without losing" in order to get sensible stakes again.

    These bookmakers are serious and everything works well as long as you do not win too much.

    b-bets.com and 24bettle.com is the same odds, play at both to increase your stakes.

    Partybets. You can stake high and will be strangled down to rubbish sums if you win. Same odds on Guts odds but better staff – You can also stake high on Guts odds but naturally you bet on both and raise up the stake. High odds but not so often, but every betting day. The sum you can stake is shown before you click on the link ”max bet” on both sites, exemplary. Have Moneybookers.

    StanJames. You will be quickly throttled down to a maximum bet and a good permitted maximum winnings that vary according to how much you have won. Always with it and have high odds. You know how much you can bet after you have approved the bet but as soon as you are throttled you know what limit per bet that applies (after the learning curve). Have Moneybookers.

    SportingBet. Here you can bet for big money, EURO 100-2000. But if you win your stake is strangled to a few tens. Named "Bookmaker of the year", one never ceases to wonder, is it a bunch of losers who dole out these prize? If you do not have bad luck with "losing" and happen to win too much, it is a good bookie. 5 % stake bonus on Thursday - gratis extra money. Have Moneybookers. The problem is if you happen to win you are strangled so hard you have no chance to "lose" and work up the size of stakes again – only to let them alone if that happens.


    WilliamHill. Good odds but only 1-2 time a day. Payment by credit card as they do not have Moneybookers. The size of your stake is shown before you approve.

    Betbet. Very experiences staff who were taught on Expekt, but regretfully they will drop your limit for the slightest reason, it is enough that they just think you win. A good site, a veriant of the Expekt site. If you happen to win you are strangled down to silly stakes as shown here:

    Following coupons are approved: Betbet at present exists under current odds 19.00 is stake 1.00 Euro (1.00 Euro) possible win 19.00 Euro (19.00 Euro)

    The amounts in the brackets indicate the refused portion of the stake.

    (That is not extreme; the same bet on 24hPoker would also be maximized to 1 EURO). None of these 2 circus bookmakers dares to let me stake 2 EURO on odds of 19.  As fast as the strangulation starts just take out your money and leave.

    The sum you can bet is shown before you approve if your stake is too high. Have Moneybookers.

    Staybet is also a bookmaker influenced of the master Expekt. Lots of Swedish staff, this usually means a high class. In order for you to see how much you can stake you must first approve the bet – the maximum stake is not shown before approval, which is bad. However how much you can stake is shown so you avoid testing your way forward with lower and lower bets. High odds, have Moneybookers.

    You will get by for some time with these bookies. Better a smaller amount that works than quite a few – because the money (your gambling capital) must last as well. Better to have more money with a few than rubbish amounts with many.

    If you need to have more bookmakers then choose these bookies:




    ComeOn is also a bookmaker, choose the tab for "odds".





    If you want more look on www.greatbettinginfo.com.

    NOTE: use my links when you register, they lead to stake bonuses (where such offers exist). It is usual with payment bonuses with a first payment Use these to the maximum – it is free money. Often it is required that the bonus is played 2-3 times on higher odds than 1,5 (or similar) before you can take out the winnings. That does not matter because we will nevertheless "lose without losing" to all our bookies. Everyone gains by this.

    You must also have odds exchanges for moving over winnings by losing at the bookmakers and win on the odds exchange through "sure bets" (risk free bets).

    Click here for information about the best odds exchanges.