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    Play sport book bet on the Internet to win money?

    Play sport book bet on the Internet and be a winner at sport odds. You will "win money" and you never lose. The  kind of "sport bet arbitrage system" is so simple; you win already with your first sport book bet.

    Hundreds of bookmakers compete on the Internet. They compete with high odds. If one takes the highest odds on the Internet from different selected bookmakers overodds are created. This is easiest to understand with tennis. Player A can have 2,1 in odds and player B can have 2,15 with another bookmaker. If one bets EURO 100 on every winner one wins whatever the case.

    Now one uses instead an online calculator on www.greatbettinginfo.com. One indicates who one thinks will win, the odds and how much one will win (stake). The odds calculator answers then with how much one must stake at the different bookies, it is always different sums.

    The current odds are on the Internet, for example on Bettbrain.

    If one is right one wins an amount, if one is wrong one wins the stake back. One plays on events the same day or the day after. Every time one wins the capital increases. One never loses.

    One can also adjust the calculator so that one wins (a small sum 1-3 %) independent of the result, that is called a sure bet. It is found described on win-everyt-time.com.

    Betting on English football + winning odds using my football betting tips and this betting strategy is very powerful. But my sports betting tips works for all sports and are also tour golf betting tips, football (soccer) betting tips, horse betting tips etc. This sport  bet arbitrage system work with all kind of sport book bets.

    Moving winnings from games on the Internet

    We use sure bets when we have won (won money) too much with a bookmaker. We search for a sure bet where the favorite is located on a gaming exchange and a "safe loser" at the bookie. The sure bet can be even, 0 %. We bet and try in this way to move the winnings by losing at the bookie and winning on the gaming exchange. Regretfully one never knows who wins; sometimes it goes wrong for a long time.

    A way of avoiding winning too much at the bookmakers is, as much as possible, play real bets (that is to say not just for moving winnings) on the improbability of the result at the bookie and on the favorite on the gaming exchange. Preferably on bets with only 2 results, type odd/even and under/over.

    If the odds are on the worse level 4 or more they usually lose and you lose at the bookie. Today I only play in this manner after having been throttled and ill-treated until I have left over 100 circus bookmakers.

    At bookmakers I only play to "lose".