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    Can one earn unlimited money and be rich?

    Can one make sport book bet on unt football betting odds for 1 million per day, earn fast money and become a millionaire playing? Earn quick money without working, just borrow money and gamble on a few gaming companies in one weekend?

    Regretfully not. Theoretically it is just a question of laying some gigantic bets and earn the difference between overodds when one wins. Because one never loses.

    Reality is different. Most bookmakers are circus bookmakers – ludicrous bookmakers. These gambling companies have no intention of being bookmakers – that is earn the difference between the odds issued (tennis odds for example 1.8 on both players). Their business idea is instead to swindle by getting losers to play. Only losers are welcome. Winners on online odds conversely are to be prevented from playing or are badly treated so they stop playing on odds at gaming companies. This means that one attempts – when it is possible – to play at least one odds on an odds exchange, who likes winners but have somewhat lower odds because they take winning commissions.

    Over and above this even serious bookmakers have a limit as to how much one can play.

    Apart from this there are some periods per year, about 2 months, when little football is played. Football is the sport with the most on-line odds and best for raising bets. A lot of football must be played if you are to make a lot of money.

    There is not either, unlimited overodds and some bookmakers sit and check whether they have too high odds and then sink them very fast. Unibet and Olybet are notorious odds sinkers.

    Who will become millionaires playing?

    All want to make money without working and earn money fast. Money gives freedom. But the following hinders us from quickly getting rich by winning money on the Internet:

    * There is a limit at all bookmakers and gaming companies as to how much can be staked.

    * Gaming companies sink the limits for winners. To ridiculous sums, e.g. EURO1-2 when one seeks to stake EURO 500.

    * Even on gaming exchanges there is limited money – one Hoovers therefore several gaming exchanges of odds when it is possible to stake big.

    * Gaming companies have also a limit on how much one can be allowed to win per day.

    These are all measures that gaming companies take to hinder players from winning.

    Is it possible to earn extra money then? Can one become rich playing?

    That described on this site can lead to earnings of EURO 350 per week in leisure time, if one has capital, and have a routine. That is a careful conclusion.

    One can borrow money and get to work but first one must play for 6-12 month. Do not borrow money direct – you must be happy with that and have a routine. You must be a routined winner. It is also both labour intensive and quite boring – a bit like book keeping.

    The most boring of all is that one day a week (Tuesday is good) follow up that the gaming companies have paid out winnings to your gaming accounts. Sort your printed out games per odds exchange. Correct odds exchanges first. Have a red highlighter for losses and a green for winnings + that payment has been made. As soon as you have a green mark that bet is done.

    This is also a fantastic method for saving money. Money is needed to be set to work on matches the same day or at the latest the next day, so it is assumed you will not withdraw your winnings from the gaming companies. Then working again Friday - Saturday - Sunday. Let the money grow, it will increase by some % per playing day. You will be surprised. If you increase your money by 2% per day then in 150 playing days (50 weekends 1 year) EURO 100 will grow to EURO 1950 - You can see this yourself with an Excel calculation.