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    Increase your earnings with close to no work

    Get Gratis betting Money - it is so simple

    Join all bookmakers on the list today. Do this also if you have no intention to bet with them.

    Because first there are new customer bonus - when a bet arise take advantage of this. Use it to the limit.

    Then the fun begins. If you have not placed a bet in some months or when new leagues start, like Premier League, there will be new deposit bonuses.

    Because a normal (loosing) punter use to deposit with one company and then bet until all money is used up. So it pays of to give a bonus. Because you never loose, this is Gratis betting Money. Take them all when they arrive.

    Then there is often tempting offers like "money back if the match gets even". Just play to the maximum stake, win or get your money back. When you get experienced you can combine it with a lay odds and win what ever happens.

    More Gratis Money

    Most bookmakers also have slots, scratch tickets etc. With those games you can never win by betting - you bet against a computer that keeps 5-10% to make huge million jackpots and as profit for the bookmaker.

    This is a money making machine for any bookmaker, they do anything to get turnover (new customers).

    When they make new games, celebrate something or similar you will get free offers from many bookmakers. You might get some free scratch tickets or free round at a slot machine or similar.

    Take this, play it all and aim for a big jackpot. Play until the gratis money is used up or you have got a huge million jackpot, what happens first. Then do not deposit.

    You chance to win is as big when you play gratis as if you pay for it. Better play gratis. If you want to bet for money I recommend one ticket a week at this lotto - if you loose the money goes to the red cross.

    So sign up with only good bookmakers listed Here to get those offers, it is Gratis money for you because you never loose a bet if you use my system.