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    Canbet and Iasbet

    This is 2 great bookmakers. It is the same odds – and same owner – in 2 designs.

    I have bet with hundreds of bookmakers – that was how I found out that it was the same odds – and those are among the few honest bookmakers on the globe. I have been harassed and stolen from by approx 100 “only looser’s are welcome bookmakers” because of my winnings so I have experience.

    I trust both IASBET and CANBET 100% and they have my full recommendations.

    News: Canbet and IASbetdo no longer excist. It is sad that such a good bookmakers is gone.

    Both have merged with Australias first and leading bookmaker. Who have promised to continue the good work.

    Old customers to both IASBET and CANBET can log in with their IAS or CANBET usernames and pw. New customers all get a bonus.

    Click Here for the new IASBET and CANBET merged Bookmaker.