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    Free Sports betting Tips

    Play on Odds and be a winner on Sport
    It is easy to win on Sport using my free sports betting tips. I am a part time professional and this site is for creating more sport odds winners. But even more for saving you from being fleeced.

    As a professional who regularly wins on sport game odds I have experienced hundreds of problems, which you avoid. Especially when it comes to getting out my winnings I have had problems. More of that later, and how one can deal with dodgy bookmakers.

    I will also teach you how to win on Sport bet making and my sport betting system is free. It is easy to win but difficult to lose (Yes you read correctly). I will also teach you how to "lose without losing" and tell you why you should do that.

    The really most use you have of this site and my sports betting tips is where you are going to begin bet on Sport odds. If you do every thing right from the beginning you avoid paying out a lot of "experience money" to to suspect bookmakers, swindlers and unnecessary costs here and there.

    Odds exchanges are also termed betting exchanges, etc. They are not bookmakers but one gambles there.There are also odds exchanges that are bookmakers as well. ComeOn is one such company.

    Bookmakers are a chapter to themselves. Regretfully it is the pure Wild West and most of them should have a big sign in their site with the text: Only losers are welcome. There are only a handful of really serious bookmakers . After that a layer that function perfectly well as long as you do not win. The rest are dodgy.

    The tax authorities have also a word to say for us in Europe. You who will come to play at Odds and become a winner will find tax authorities interested in your winnings. You must start on the right footing from the beginning - winner planning - otherwise you will get a call on all winnings + 40% tax demand. Only when you have won, losses do not count. It is very easy for tax authorities to log your gambling through the bank, credit cards and the like. But the truth is on the other hand all winnings from Sport bet making are entirely tax-free if done right.

    Here is also a bonus on top of the sports betting tips - a much better lotto - gambling for pleasure because winners win purely by luck.